RE-5 Clothing is pure and Fairtrade clothing for a regular price.

RE-5 brings modern, non-seasonal, casual clothing for men, women and children. RE-5 products can be easily combined with other brands. The clothing is made of high-quality, organic cotton which gives it a very comfortable and soft quality, even after many washings.

Katoenplant You can wear the RE-5 clothing year-round, and it is made with an eye for detail and great attention to comfort and fitting.

Since the start of the brand RE-5 in 2010 the RE-5 concept stands for: RE-think, RE-turn, RE-fund,
RE-cycle en RE-vive.

Sustainable Clothing: the RE-5 Concept

The goal of this innovative concept is to break with the seasonal ‘fast fashion’, only with using Fairtrade certified and organic cotton.The clothing is Max Havelaar and GOTS certified. Besides, no chemicals or pesticides are used during the growing of organic cotton. RE-5 contributes to the circular economy by collecting the used clothing and recycling it for the fabrication of new clothing.

RE-think: conscious consumers make the difference.

Purchasing a RE-5 product helps in a simple way by small funding of a better world. RE-5 support several local projects in India and Cambodia which contribute both ecologically as well as socially to further sustainable improvements. We of course will follow and monitor these projects and will keep you informed.

RE-turn: old worn-out RE-5 products can be returned for recycling.

Organic cotton is only produced and available on a very small-scale basis, compared to the enormous demand of cotton. This makes it a challenge for us, to change this situation. An old and worn RE-5 product, which does not have any value for you anymore, does still have value. The organic cotton could be recycled, and we at RE-5 would like to stimulate this re-use. Therefore, consider to return your old RE-5 product to us.

RE-fund: conscious consumers receive a discount of the original purchase price of the returned RE-5 clothing.

After we have received your old RE-5 product, you will receive a voucher worth 10% of the original selling price of the returned product. This discount voucher has a code, is valid for 1 year, and is bound to the customer by name. You will receive the voucher by email and it is only exchangeable for online discount on purchases of RE-5 products via The reduction voucher is not valid in combination with any other offers, discounts or promotions nor in a shop.
You can also decide to donate your received amount to the projects we support. We will ensure that your donation will be well-spend. For more details read article 10 of the general conditions.

RE-cycle: used clothing will be recycled. This way RE-5 contributes to a better environment by saving water and CO2 emissions.

We collect all returned RE-5 products, which will be used for a recycle process. The product will be “crunched” and the organic cotton could be re-used as a raw material. We cooperate for this recycle process with an Italian company, who will sell the recycled organic cotton to fiber spinners.
Recycling of textile and clothing has the largest saving of CO2 emission of all recyclable waste streams. Recycling of 1kg of textile saves 3,4 kg. CO2 emissions, which is equal to driving 18 km by car.

RE-vive: new fabric and clothing will be made from the recycled yarns.

The recycled organic cotton will be spun together with different fibers to a recycle yarn. New fabrics, clothing and textile could be produced with these new yarns. This is how this revive process contributes to an overall increase of the use of organic cotton in the clothing and textile industry.