H3P Motives & RE-5

RE-5 is the storytelling concept label, incorporating the business idea, vision and mission of H3P Motives. H3P Motives is focused on sustainable production & sales of garments and believes that this is the only way to move forward. H3P Motives offers business pure and fair corporate clothing, fashion and textiles.

RE-5 as label for retailers

Besides this official RE-5 webshop, the label RE-5 is available for retailers making the RE-5 products available throughout Europe. RE-5 brings product lines of casual clothing for men, women and teens, where the styles and colors do not rely on changes in the ‘fast fashion’. The products are easy integrated into multi-label stores. All products are available from stock, ensuring a quick delivery. Interested in the RE-5 collection for your store? Please visit the website of H3P Motives and contact us.

Corporate Clothing and B2B opportunities

CSR is important for all kind of businesses and crucial for the world’s future. To give support to your CSR policy several of our products give you an opportunity to show that this truly is important for your business. Our clothing products are perfect to underline your activities. A choice for sustainable and responsible clothing will distinguish your business both internally and externally. We deliver RE-5 products with your own logo and identity, printed in a responsible and sustainable way. We are happy to inform you about our possibilities.

White label

We offer you the possibility to make use of our highly qualified production channels to realize the import of your own branded certified products. Our business activities are concentrated in India where we have strong relationships with our manufacturers. We offer our professional knowledge in the production of many different jersey knits.