Good Causes

RE-5 wants to provide structural support for the improvement of wokring and living circumstances in developing countries. RE-5, in combination with mothercompany H3P Motives, practices corporate social responsbility by offering pure and fair products and with directly supporting to the social good.
RE-5 is committed to and carefully selected the following small-scaled organizations and charities:


Our cooperation with Chetna ensures that we are committed and engaged with the the very start of the production cycle of our RE-5 products, namely the cotton cultivation in India. Chetna connects us to the local farmers’ projects which we personally visit. Our activities contribute to the improvement of the living circumstances of entire local Indian communities.


RE-5 is strongly engaged with a development project in Cambodia, Stellar Child Care Organization. H3P Motives supports, through the charity DARA Europe, this project to give the Cambodian children the opportunity for a better future.

PrintThe charity DARA Europe supports the children in the Stellar Child Care Organization, located in the outskirts of Phnom Pehn. DARA Europe supports these children by:
• Creating a safe living environment;
• Offering good healthcare;
• Facilitating education;
• Offering nutritious and healthy food;
• Stimulating independency

The new RE-create products will provide for structural support towards this project.

Steppen tegen kanker (translate: kickbiking against cancer)

We support the charity Stophersentumoren in the Netherlands. Our contribution is especially focused on active and sportive participation in the form of kickbiking.