Fairtrade & GOTS

The clothing industry is often associated with terrible working conditions for the workers: long working days, overtime, low wages and an unsafe working environment. Because RE-5 cares about good working conditions for the workers, we only produce in certified factories. This requires us, in cooperation with our producer, to improve the working conditions where needed in order to comply with the standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Our production facilities will be inspected by an independent third party on a yearly basis.

GOTS_Logo_grijs_1GOTS quality label

RE-clothing is GOTS certified. GOTS stands for: Global Organic Textile Standard. This label assumes the use of 100% organic materials. Clothing and textile with this label consist at least for 95% of organic fibers.The entire production process, from harvesting to production, packaging and distribution complies with the strict standards for organic cotton. The label also includes compliance with strict social criteria during the cotton cultivation and production till yarns. This includes fair wages, no child labor and a safe and hygienic working environment. www.global-standard.org

Max Havelaar quality label

fairtrade-certified-cotton_grijs_1RE-5 is proud to be Fair Trade certified. Fair Trade helps farmers and workers in developing countries to receive a better stand in the supply chain in order to create a living and possible investment in a sustainable future. Fairtrade is both a quality label as well as a worldwide movement. In the Netherlands is Stichting Max Havelaar owner of the Fair Trade label, better known as the Max Havelaar lable.
Fairtrade breaks the vicious cycle of insecure prices and unreasonably low wages for farmers in developing countries. It sets high standards to give the farmers the opportunity for development and growth. There are also standards for the plantation, again to stimulate a better living for the workers. www.maxhavelaar.nlĀ