RE-5: pure and fair clothing for a regular price

RE-5 brings modern, non-seasonal, casual clothing for men, women and children. RE-5 products can be easily combined with other brands. The clothing is made of high-quality, organic cotton which gives it a very comfortable and soft quality, even after many washings. You can wear the RE-5 clothing year-round, and it is made with an eye for detail and great attention to comfort and fitting.

Since the start of the brand RE-5 in 2010 the RE-5 concept stands for:
RE-think, RE-turn, RE-fund, RE-cycle en RE-vive.

The goal of this innovative concept is to break with the seasonal ‘fast fashion’, only with using Fairtrade certified and organic cotton.
The clothing is Max Havelaar and GOTS certified. Besides, no chemicals or pesticides are used during the growing of organic cotton. RE-5 contributes to the circular economy by collecting the used clothing and recycling it for the fabrication of new clothing.

RE-think: conscious consumers make the difference.
RE-turn: old worn-out RE-5 products can be returned for recycling.
RE-fund: conscious consumers receive a discount of the original purchase value from your used , returned RE-5 clothing.
RE-cycle: used clothing will be recycled. This way RE-5 contributes to a better environment by saving water and CO2 emissions.
RE-vive: new fabric and clothing will be made from the recycled yarns.

Fairtrade innovation

The Max Havelaar Foundation rewarded RE-5 with the Stichting Max Fairtrade Innovation Award. The Havelaar Award is granted as RE-5 makes the most innovative steps with regards to fair trade.

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