Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not able to finish my payment with the IDeal payment method. What can be the problem or what should I do?

I finished my order and I want to pay via IDeal. After I have chosen for IDeal, the window stays in the information screen of Moneybookers. I expect to see the paymodule of my chosen bank to continue the payment.

The possible problem could be due to the security settings of the browser you use. Probably your browser does not allow pop-up screens. The iDEAL payment module needs a pop-up window. Therefore you need to change your pop-up policy of your browser and allow Popup windows (for this site). The help function of your browser can help you changing the settings. Most browsers are able to allow pop-up windows per website, which is the recommended option.

I don’t get a confirmation that my order has been placed. Is my order confirmed and in progress?

I have placed my order and completed the payment. However I didn’t get a confirmation that my order has been placed. What should I do?

When placing an order for the first time at RE-5 you’ll be asked for your email address. RE-5 automatically sends an email to that email address after receiving the order. It could be the case that the email address is incorrect, for example because of a typo. RE-5 will be notified by email only after 2 days that your confirmation email ca not be delivered. When you did not receive a confirmation 1 hour after the placement of your order please contact and state that you did not receive an order confirmation. RE-5 will identify the error and ensure you will receive a confirmation.

I don’t know if you need another treatment for washing organic cotton compared to normal cotton cloths?

I want to keep my new RE-5 cloths of high quality and good fitting and give it a responsible treatment. But I don’t know how to wash organic cotton clothing. What should I do?

All our products carry a wash & care label inside, giving instructions for proper washing. We advise to wash our cotton products at 30 degrees in a washing machine. Preferably, do not use a tumble dryer to protect the clothing from extra shrinkage. Meanwhile you will also save on energy.

We advise to use ecological washing powder. Very suitable are the environmental friendly washing balls from ECOzone. Many normal synthetic washing powders contain optical whiteners which on the long run could bleach your garment.

I don’t understand the real difference: is cotton not just always a natural product?

I don’t clearly understand the difference between organic cotton and regular cotton. Is cotton not just always a natural product?

Cotton always is a natural product. However lots of chemicals (pesticides) are needed to protect the plant from illness, insects and vermin during cultivation. This is why normal cotton is not free from these pesticides, also not in the end product and consequently not that natural. The organic cotton is cultivated without the use of those chemicals. Sometimes it is also called ecological cotton.

I want to return my old and worn-out cloths for further recycling. What do I need to do?

I have old and worn-out RE-5 cloths which I want to return for further recycling. I don’t know exactly the principles of your RE-tour and RE-fund program. What should I do?

At the moment you want to get rid of your old/worn-out RE-5 article, most likely the organic cotton is still good and strong enough to be reused. We ask you to return your article directly to us, from where we will take care for further recycling of the product. New yarns are developed from many old articles which are brought in together. These yarns are used again for new cloths or other textile products.

Returning your RE-5 product gives support to a more sustainable clothing industry. As a return favor, you get a small RE-fund from us. We offer you a discount voucher for your next purchase of a RE-5 product. You can also decide to donate this amount to one of the development project we support.

Our address is mentioned at CONTACT. Within the general conditions, article 8, further instructions for returning are mentioned. Please ensure that your return parcel is correctly paid.

I don’t know if my old cloths can be recycled. How do I know about the criteria?

I have old cloths which I want to return for recycling. I don’t know what cloths can or can’t be recycled, so I’m not sure what I’m allowed to return. What rules do you have?

Only original RE-5 products are considered for recycling. The products always need to be clean and washed. This means that it cannot have, for instance, paint spots left on the products. RE-5 products which originally are not printed by us, but have been printed afterwards can’t be used either. If the product is damaged, but clean, we still can use it. We don’t accept cloths from other brands and/or RE-5 cloths which are returned not clean.

I have returned my old RE-5 product to your company. How and when do I get my discount voucher?

I have returned my old RE-5 product however I didn’t receive a discount voucher yet. How and when can I expect this voucher?

We check your return delivery and the recycle possibilities of your old RE-5 product(s). If your RE-tour is correct you will receive an e-mail within 5 working days. In this mail details of the voucher are mentioned, such as your name, a REF number, date and the RE-fund amount.

If you didn’t get any reply from us within 10 days after your sending, please contact us by e-mail at

I have a voucher which I want to redeem for my next purchase. How does it work?

I can’t use my voucher at the store where I’ve bought my RE-5 cloths. Where and how can I submit this voucher?

The voucher expires 1 year after the mentioned date of receipt and can only be used at our Official Online RE-5 store. At a next RE-5 purchase from the webshop you are able to use your voucher. The voucher can only be used at one single moment and is applicable for all products which are not in sales. It can’t be exchanged for cash, but it can be donated to one of the development projects we support. Further information can be found at our general conditions, article 9 points 2 and 3.

I don’t get any discount at my order while using my voucher. Why not and how does it work?
I have booked a new order at the webshop and used my discount voucher. I still don’t get the offered discount during my ordering. How do I get my discount?

You can use your voucher while placing an order at the Official Online RE-5 shop by mentioning the REF number which you have received. You find the field in which you should mention your REF number at the page of a registered customer at the position of extra information. Ordering and payment will follow the normal process. After verification of the REF number, the discount is RE-funded to your bank account within 10 working days.